The Castle

of the Captain of Artillery

The castle is located along the stretch of road leading from Florence to Forli. In the era of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the road led to Forlì (Romagna) in the Papal State and was originally the garrison of the Florence gate in the divided fortress town. The tradition of the battle between the Florentine and Roman side still continues annually when on the first Sunday of September, with shots and crossbows, the two sides compete against each other, dressed in Renaissance style costumes, to win the S.Reparata crossbow Palium.

Our history

Initially a military facility, the castle provides visitors and guests with spectacular saloons and halls with cofferred wooden roofs, not to mention ceilings enriched with fabulous frescoes by Felice Giani. Taking a trip downstairs, you will discover the Medicean cellars and the inn with its late 18th Century copper stills where you can taste delicious wine and fabulous food specialities from the Tuscan-Romagnolan land.

Today the original military spaces, salt storages and ancient fishery are used for events, conferences and meetings. The large terrace looks over an enormous hanging park, originally a military area in ancient times, supporting the cannon walls. Consisting now of an orchard of “forgotten fruits”, the lucky guests of the castle’s only suite can enjoy the full moonlight as well as spectacular sunsets on Romagna’s rolling hills leading to Florence.

The founder and the architect

The Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I (1519-1574), with extraordinary government skills, was also a refined art lover and a great patron. Among the various works promoted by him we remember the creation of the Uffizi, originally intended to house the offices of state and Palazzo Pitti, which became the official residence of the Medici.

He also completed the wonderful garden of Boboli, the park of the grand-ducal residence, and supported many artists, including Benvenuto Cellini, Giorgio Vasari, Agnolo Bronzino.
He also undertook extensive research into Etruscan artefacts in Chiusi, Arezzo and other cities. It was the Grand Duke himself, who went to the land of Romagna in 1554 and in 1558, to designate the place where the new city would rise. The foundation took place in 1564. The project was entrusted to the architect Baldassarre Lanci, a native of Urbino, at the service of the Grand Duke as an engineer of the fortresses.

Like many personalities of his time, he was a universal genius, besides designing six fortresses in Tuscany, Valletta in Malta was a civil, religious, botanist, plumbing engineer, painter and set designer. Terra del Sole or Heliopolis (the city of the sun) was his masterpiece.

The Castle of the Captain
of Artillery

The castle overlooks the Fiorentina gate (that is, the one facing Florence) which was defended by a drawbridge, placed halfway up the arched brick bridge, by a sturdy doorway with a gate and a system of trapdoors (openings from which it was made to fall on the boiling liquid assailants, stones or inflamed projectiles).
The original complex includes: the district of the captain, a collection of rooms of residence and representation with wooden ceilings beautifully painted and dated 1587, the Armory consists of a workshop and a depot of light weapons, such as arquebuses, spades, halberds and swords; a crossing gallery that overhangs and intersects that of the door, which in turn allowed the garrison to move from one bastion to another without crossing the Castle.

Then there are three different environments that were intended for the guardhouse one, under the door for the day guard, one in an environment above the door for the guardhouse at night and a third in the entrance hall for the rest guard body. Here the soldiers stopped to give change to those guarding the door, next to this pavilion (14,90 meters high) there are military prisons still today you can see the signs made by the prisoners.

The internal façade of the castle has an angled and starry shape and is crowned by a gallery supported by stone corbels and terracotta arches, which in ancient times was used by sentries on patrol. The Castle that over the years has always been privately owned is beautifully preserved and lived to be able to pass on the greatness of the Medici over the centuries.

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A unique experience,
Anna who owns and runs the castle was very helpful and friendly.

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A king for a day,
Incredible ...a real castle ,real ospitality. Something you will remember for ever.

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Really lovely,
absolutely lovely couple, beautiful setting, amazing old castle!

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